what is com.facebook.katana?

Do You want to know what it is com.facebook.katana? After reading this post, you will get your answer. Here, I am going to share with you what is com.facebook.katana? Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Most people use Facebook on their smartphones. If you also use Facebook on your mobile, you may find an automatically created folder com.facebook.katana on your smartphone. And you may have a question in your mind, is com.facebook.katana a virus or malware?

Some people say that this is a virus or malware and we should remove it from mobile. On the other hand, some people say that this is not a type of virus. You may be worried about that you should delete or remove this folder or not? After reading this post, you will get your answer.

what is com.facebook.katana?

what is com.facebook.katana

Com.facebook.katana is a package name created by the Facebook app on your mobile phone. When you install the Facebook app on your mobile, it creates a package that contains information about your Facebook data in a programming language. It is automatically removed from your device when you uninstall the Facebook app. Similarly, when you install the messenger app, it generates a package name com.facebook.orca.

However, when you don’t install the Facebook app on your smartphone and use Facebook using the web, there is nothing like com.facebook.katana or com.facebook.orca. Com.facebook.katana comes with the Facebook app, and com.facebook.orca comes with the messenger app.

Is com.facebook.katana a virus?

Facebook katana nomedia

The short answer is no, com.facebook.katana is not a virus. The main purpose of com.facebook.katana is to store your data on Facebook.

Facebook Katana vs Orca

Facebook Katana vs Facebook OrcaFacebook katana and orca

Com.facebook.katana is Facebook’s package name that contains all information about Facebook in a programming language. Facebook creates this folder automatically at the installation time of the Facebook app. On the other hand, the orca is the package name of the messenger. Messenger creates it at the installation of the messenger app on your mobile. Com.facebook.orca contains all information about the messenger. You can retrieve deleted messages with com.facebook.orca by using different tricks on your PC.

How to fix the com.facebook.katana issue?

How to fix the com.facebook.katana issue

Sometimes, Facebook katana cause error like pop-up notifications. Also, it may drain your mobile’s battery. To fix these types of errors on Android, clear the cache of Facebook by following these steps.

  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. Go to “Applications.”
  3. In applications, go to “Facebook.”
  4. In Facebook, tap on “Storage.” and then tap on clear cache.
  5. Login again to your Facebook.

Should you remove the Facebook katana folder or not?

Facebook katana and orcaFacebook katana tmp

The only way to delete this folder is to uninstall the Facebook app permanently. Similarly, to delete the orca folder, you need to uninstall the messenger app. There is no other way to delete these folders. In conclusion, we can say that these folders are not viruses nor malware. So, You didn’t need to remove these folders from your mobile.

Should you pay data recovery authors to resolve this com.facebook.katana?

As earlier mentioned that com.facebook.katana is a package name generated by Facebook. It is not malware or any error. So, You don’t need to pay a data recovery author to resolve this issue on your Facebook ID. You can easily resolve this issue by following the steps I discussed above.

Data recovery authors may misguide you about what is com.facebook.katana? Some people say that it is a virus or malware. The main purpose of those is to make money. They say that they will remove it and you have to pay for that. But actually, they resolve this issue by following these steps. Also, they can steal your sensitive that from Facebook.

I hope that you get an answer to what is com.facebook.katana. If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to leave a comment.

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FAQ on com facebook katana:

Is com Facebook Katana a virus?

Com Facebook katana is not a virus. It is a package name generated by Facebook to store information about the user. Once users install Facebook, it automatically generates com Facebook katana.

How do I get rid of Facebook Katana?

To remove Facebook katana, you have to uninstall the Facebook app from your smartphone. There is no other way to delete Facebook katana.

What is COM Katana Facebook?

Com katana Facebook is an automatically generated code or package name to store information about the user.

What does com Facebook orca mean?

Com Facebook orca is an automatically generated package name by Facebook messenger to store information about the user.

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