Want Blue Tick on Twitter? So now it will be possible

Want Blue Tick on Twitter? So now it will be possible

Want Blue Tick on Twitter? So now it will be possible The social media website Twitter stopped the verification of accounts in November 2017. But now they are reopening the process with some changes from January 22, 2021.

But which accounts will be eligible for verification? You will get all the information after reading this post completely.

How can people get the Blue Tick verification sign?

Twitter has developed a new strategy for account verification. Accordingly, people will have to choose a category for account verification. They will have to share some information with Twitter, including some links and some other pieces of information.

When a person applies for account verification, the Twitter team will look into the application itself۔ And verify the account after thorough scrutiny. Under the new policy, accounts that become inactive or do not meet Twitter’s policy will lose Twitter’s blue tick sign.

How will the Twitter team verify the eligibility of the account?

The company will evaluate from the followers and engagement of the account whether it is eligible for account verification or not. The company has also developed a plan for scrutiny of fraud applications. Using which the company will identify fraudulent applications and reject them.

What is an active account?

Previously, only the account with the header photo was considered a full account. But now the name and profile of the account will be required along with the header photo. Only those who have been using the account in the last six months will be considered active. If someone has not used the account in the last six months. The company will have the power to dismiss the application by declaring it inactive.

The account will also be required to provide a verified email or mobile number. Also, if someone has received a warning for violating the Twitter account during the last six months. They will not be eligible for verification.

The company says that it will be difficult for ordinary citizens to get a blue tick who have a small number of followers. Even ordinary citizens with more followers will have to face certain conditions۔

What categories of people will be eligible for account verification?

According to Twitter, people in the following categories will be able to get Blue Tick.

  • Government employees such as heads of state, including president ministers, and advisers.
  • Big companies and brands.
  • Sports
  • Media and Journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Social organizations and people
  • Influential people

If you are an ordinary citizen, you can apply in the social worker or influential people category۔

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