Trump Will Lose All Twitter Followers

When President-elect Joe Biden will take office in January 2021. Twitter will turn Donald Trump’s account into zero followers. They have decided that they will reset all Twitter accounts of the presidential administration in January 2021. Twitter will revert all followers to zero and it will remove all tweets. So, President Trump will lose all Twitter followers in January 2021. Also, President Joe Biden will have to build an audience from scratch.

Twitter will reset all of the accounts associated with the current presidential administration

Twitter will apply this policy on the account associated with president Trump (@POTUS), the first lady’s account (@FLOTUS), the account of the vice president (@VP) and accounts for the press secretary, the cabinet, and The White House as well.

Currently, Trumps’s account @POTUS has 33.2 million followers. The account associated with the first lady @FLOTUS  has 26 million followers, and @VP has 10.3 million. After a few weeks, all these accounts with millions of followers will be converted into zero followers.

In 2017, when President Obama left office, all Twitter followers of Obama were transferred to @POTUS and @WhiteHouse. But, President-elect Joe Biden wouldn’t have this opportunity. So, he will have to start from zero. 

The digital director for the Biden administration, Rob Flaherty, confirmed that Twitter has told his team that Biden will have to start from scratch. Also, he cleared that this is Twitter’s decision, not Trump’s.

The only thing in the favor of Biden is that all followers of The White House and accounts associated with the White House will receive a notification that all political accounts are closed. Also, it will ask people to follow Joe Biden’s account.

Is it difficult for Biden to get make an audience?

Biden’s personal Twitter account  (@JoeBiden)  has 21.6 million followers. So, it is not difficult for the Biden administration to gain an audience. They can easily gain a huge number of followers in a few days.

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